Why Bedecor?

You’ve heard of “make your house your home”, now “make your home your own”.

Bedecor will create the home you want by making interior design both accessible and affordable. The look you require…..A price you can afford……The Ideal Solution.



No more inflexible set design styles and excessive spending, Bedecor works on projects of varying sizes, types and locations, with experience proving that you do not need to spend the earth to achieve your ideal home. Bedecor was set up to make interior design accessible and in response to an increasing demand for a high-end designer look at justifiable fees and budgets. Prices reasonably start from just £35.


Adhering to a policy of 100% transparency the designer operates on a £35ph fee (capped at £200pd), leaving clients safe in the knowledge that all design costs have been clearly communicated from the outset.


Bedecor is as focused on meeting clients’ investment objectives and budgets to creating beautiful properties. Greenwich and Cornwall based Interior Designer Bhanita has spent the last decade working on various projects, achieving impressive financial uplifts on sales prices that have averaged 25%.

These include:

  • New-build 2 bed Private residence, Essex
  • 3 bed semi-detached Victorian House, Kent
  • Modern, purpose built 2 bed and 1 bed flats, Greenwich
  • Terraced 1910 Bay fronted 3 bed Private Residence, Essex
  • Terraced 4 bed Victorian House, Greenwich
  • Communal areas of an award nominated development, Greenwich
  • Semi-detached 5 bed Victorian house in Blackheath
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Bhanita Hunwicks


Bhanita’s signature style is cool, calm, customised interiors for you.

She is originally an ACA Chartered Accountant within the creative industries and turned to Interior Design after pursuing her love of interiors and completing a Professional Diploma in Interior Design.

Bhanita has the professional enthusiasm for providing clients with the home to suit their lifestyles. At Bedecor she makes it her job to understand you, your home and what it takes for you to be happy there.  Whether you have lived there for years or just moved in, whether it’s space, style, comfort or return on investment that drives you, everybody wants ‘their’ home and Bedecor can help you achieve it.

Never underestimate how much a well-designed home can transform your life. Your home is your sanctuary and should and can express your personality.

Bhanita creates individual interiors by skilfully combining the architecture of a property with design to produce personal and timeless rooms that genuinely add value. Intelligently sourced materials and finishes play an important role in making this a reality.

Whether it’s a simple room redesign to a full interior overhaul “make your home your own” with Bedecor and see how Bhanita can help you.


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